Teaching Kids Typing

teaching kids typing
Letter Chase Typing Tutor
Typing tutor for Windows.
You will teach the blind typing method with pleasure and fun!
Kazancev Aleksej
VerseQ touch typing tutor. Yes, you can touch type in an hour!
VerseQ team

Teaching Kids Typing

Typing Pal
Typing program for beginners and old hands alike.
De Marque inc.
Typing tutor SHAREWARE windows utility .
Shetef Solutions LTD.
Teaching-you Touch Typing
Focus Multimedia Limited
YESolo on the Keyboard
Effective typing tutor for novices who learn to type and intermediate students.
Magic Kids - Typing Kids
DiD Internation Co.,Ltd.
BCC Typing Tutor
Free software for typing tutor, multi language support.
Funny Typing
Funny Typing makes your typing a fun activity with sounds.
Funny Typing,Inc.
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing! For Kids
The world's most popular typing teacher makes typing fun for children!
A typing tutor that aims at training users through a simple and effective game.
Active Typing Tutor
Active Typing - the Best Way to Touch Typing! Start learning today!
TMP Software

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Teaching Kids Typing

Comfort Typing
Improve your typing skills.
Comfort Software Group
Type Inspector Pro
Learn typing with interactive diagrams, personalized lessons and guided courses.
7th arc d.o.o.
Analytical Eye
yping Tutor is designed to help develop touch typing skills.
Analytical Eye Technologies
Typing Speedometer Software
Measure your typing speed by typing back sample text displayed.
Teaching-you Touch Typing Vista/Win 7 patch
Focus Multimedia Ltd
Kids' Typing Tutor
Macromedia, Inc.
Pashto Typing
Improve your typing, with our free program,Pashto Typing.
Pashto Typing
Catchysoft Gepard
It is a program that helps you master touch typing in the shortest time.
ROBO Kids Typing Software
This software is designed to give you child a boost in their typing abilities.
ROBO Design Solutions
Typing Stats
TypingStats is a free application that allows you to improve your typing speed.